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A Commercial Appellate Attorney You Can Trust

If you need to appeal a court decision, it is imperative that you have an experienced New York City commercial appeals lawyer at your side. Winning at the appellate court level requires special abilities — understanding of the law and controlling precedent, attention to detail, the ability to organize and analyze the facts, and the writing acuity to bring the facts and the law together in a persuasive argument.

In an appeal, the appeals court does not look at new evidence or conduct another trial; rather, the appeal is based entirely on a review of the trial record and the applicable law. A good appellate lawyer will analyze the court record, file a written argument and argue the legal position with the appellate court. Sandra D. Parker has extensive experience in both state and federal appellate proceedings. She has the skills needed to prevail in appeals.

At the Law Office of Sandra D. Parker, we provide personalized appellate representation to individuals and businesses throughout New York state. We will specifically tailor our representation to meet your needs and will work diligently to get you the results that you deserve. No business or individual is the same; therefore, we will customize our legal strategy to address your specific situation.

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Call us at 212-317-2883 to arrange for a consultation with a skilled New York state and federal appeals attorney, or email our office. The Law Office of Sandra D. Parker is in the Rockefeller Center area, close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.