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New York City Civil Rights Lawyer

Last updated on December 2, 2023

Licensed in both state and federal courts, Sandra D. Parker brings experience and knowledge to all of the cases she handles. At our law firm, we are dedicated to finding solutions that work. In order to find the best resolution, we leave no stone unturned as we research and investigate your legal issue. We have a reputation for providing methodical and meticulous legal analysis to all of the issues that confront us.

To arrange for a consultation with an employment law attorney, insurance lawyer and business law litigator, contact our experienced New York City commercial attorney, Sandra D. Parker. Call 212-317-2883 or send us an email.

We represent clients in matters of

  • Business law and commercial disputes: If your business is involved in litigation, you need a disciplined and aggressive New York business attorney to comb through the documents and persuasively present your case through negotiation and, if necessary litigation. Whether your company is being sued or needs to sue over a contract dispute or there are disputes between you and your partners, our experienced attorney can help find solutions to your legal problems.
  • Insurance law: Have you been denied insurance benefits that you are rightfully owed? As a former corporate counsel at Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and a former litigator at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Sandra D. Parker knows insurance law.
  • Employment and labor law: Sandra D. Parker represents both individuals and corporations in all aspects of employment law litigation. For employers, we provide employee contract and employee handbook review services as well as handle all types of litigation and disputes with employees. For employees we handle all employment law claims, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment and all discrimination claims.
  • Commercial appeals: Winning at the appellate court level requires special abilities such as, knowledge of the law and controlling precedent, rigorous analysis of the facts, and the ability to tie the facts and the law together in a compelling manner.

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Call us at 212-317-2883 to arrange for a consultation with a skilled civil rights and employment law attorney. The Law Office of Sandra D. Parker is located in the Rockefeller Center area, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.