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Providing Tenacious Divorce Representation

At the Law Office of Sandra D. Parker, we tenaciously represent our clients in their legal matters, including divorce. Attorney Sandra D. Parker is relentless in achieving success for her clients. She reviews divorce issues with her clients to better understand their goals and presents all their options. Whether you settle a divorce through negotiation or litigation, attorney Sandra D. Parker will fight hard to meet your goals.

If you are seeking to divorce your spouse or you have been served with papers already, contact our New York City lawyer today at 212-317-2883.

Representing Individuals In Child Custody Cases And Other Family Law Disputes

The Law Office of Sandra D. Parker is equipped to handle several divorce-related issues, including:

At our law firm, we understand the challenges you face when you and your spouse decide to divorce. We will help you navigate through the sensitive issues such as where your children will live most of the time and how much alimony should be paid. We will provide you with support throughout the process, from the initial court filing to the final decree. We will strive to reach a solution that best meets your goals.

Attorney Sandra D. Parker will not back down in negotiations or during litigation. She will pay close attention to your situation to determine if it is appropriate to contest your divorce in court or pursue an alternative means like mediation. If litigation is not the answer, she will tenaciously advocate for your rights until a fair settlement is negotiated.

Let Us Provide The Advocacy You Need

For aggressive representation, turn to the Law Office of Sandra D. Parker. Contact our New York City law firm at 212-317-2883 to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.