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Race Discrimination Is Never Acceptable

Last updated on December 2, 2023

Employers cannot discriminate against employees because of their race. New York City employee rights attorney Sandra D. Parker assists clients who have been wrongfully discriminated against, harassed, forced to resign or discharged from their job because of their race.

If you feel your demotion or termination was due to your race, contact experienced New York City race discrimination attorney Sandra D. Parker. Call 212-317-2883 or send us an email.

Decades Of Experience In These Complex Cases

For more than 30 years, Sandra D. Parker has represented clients in employment discrimination matters. These are highly fact-specific claims that require an attorney known for a meticulous approach and attention to detail. Sandra D. Parker has that reputation.

At our law firm, we are relentless as we work to prevail for our clients. As an experienced New York employee rights attorney, Ms. Parker knows that race discrimination does not occur only when an employee is denied a job because of race or is wrongfully terminated from a position because he or she is of a certain color. While these adverse employment actions do occur, race discrimination can also occur in less obvious forms such as harassment or being denied a promotion or benefits.

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Call us at 212-317-2883 to arrange for a consultation with a skilled New York race discrimination lawyer. The Law Office of Sandra D. Parker is in the Rockefeller Center area, close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.